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The Cosaan Sereer Association of France annual cultural event with Mbaye Ndiaye (Saturday, 28th April 2018)

The Cosaan Sereer Association of France will be holding a Seereer cultural event on Saturday, 28th April 2018 in the French capital (Paris). On the line-up will be the legendary Seereer singer and riti player Mbaye Ndiaye. If you live in France or are visiting, please go down and show support. Food and drink will be served and the entry ticket is € 20. More details available on the flyer.

The Seereer Radio team will be interviewing Mbaye Ndiaye and the president of the Cosaan Seereer Association of France on Friday, 27th April 2018 at 22:00 GMT (21:00 Senegambian time). The radio interview will be anchored by Tamsier Joof and his team on the Cosaan Seereer Show. Don't forget to tune into Seereer Radio tonight for an interesting show before the event. Members of the panel will include some of your favourite Seereer Radio presenters: Mamadou Fall, Doudou Diouf, Laity Sene, and more. This show will replace the usual Open Mike scheduled programme.

Image provided by Cosaan Seereer Association (France). Copyright of Cosaan Sereer Association (France).