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Skype : seereerradio

E-mail : [email protected]

Advertising with us

Why advertise with us?

There are several reasons why you should think about advertising with Seereer Radio. Some of them are listed below :

  • We are the first and only 24 hour online radio station that caters to the Seereer ethnic group in their native languages (Seereer-Siin, Saafi-Saafi, Ndut, Laalaa (Lehar), Sili-Sili (Palor) and Noon. If your target market is the Seereer ethnic group of Senegal, The Gambia. Mauritania, Europe and the United States, then we can deliver your message directly to your market.

  • We are affiliated with the Seereer Resource Centre, the first and only not-for-profit organisation with an online presence that preserves Seereer culture, history and traditions. This means that, we have the logistics and contacts that can deliver your message directly to the Seereer communities throughout Seereer country. When you partner with us, we would be hoping and working towards a long term partnership that is beneficial to you, the community we serve and our station. Our network of contacts is an additional benefit if you are thinking of investing or establishing your business in Seereer country. We can introduce you to the right people.

  • We have listeners from several countries including: Senegal; The Gambia; Mauritania; United Kingdom; United States; France; Sweden; Italy; Germany; Norway; etc. This means you can reach a wider market.

  • We can advertise your product or service in Seereer, Saafi-Saafi, Wolof, Fula, English, or French. 

  • Our prices are very cost effective, which in turn allows for greater flexibility in your marketing campaign. Your messages can be easily adapted or varied inline with external factors. Your ad or commercial messages also runs for a month rather than a week at very reasonable rates compared to what you would have to pay elsewhere. This allows for greater repetition of your messages and greater penetration of your target market.

  • We can get you Seereer voice-over actors to deliver your commercial messages in Seereer and/or any of the Cangin languages (Saafi-Saafi, Ndut, Laalaa (or Lehar), Sili-Sili (or Palor) and Noon), as well as in Wolof. The Cangin language speakers are also ethnically Seereer.

  • Seereer Radio supports poor and disenfranchised Seereer communities. Income generated goes back to funding projects that benefit Seereer communities living in Senegal, The Gambia and Mauritania. By advertising with us, you will be giving back to your customers (indirectly) thereby fulfilling your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) objectives.

  • Seereer Radio is very personal to its listeners. Seereers living outside the Senegambia region do not have a radio station that caters directly to them in their native languages. All the other online Senegambian radio stations are in Wolof, English or French, not in the Seereer languages listed above. There is no Seereer radio station in The Gambia or Mauritania, and the Seereer stations in Senegal either do not broadcast 24 / 7 and/or are not available online. Our listeners therefore turn to Seereer Radio for news, music entertainment, educational programs relating to Seereer culture, history and religion. Our listeners trust and rely on this information hence why we take our responsibilities very seriously, and chose our advertising partners very carefully (see below). However once we are both happy with your advert, the strategic placement of your commercial messages around key information will ensure high levels of listener retention.

Advert types and prices

Here are some of the ways you can advertise with us (see table below). Note that prices are discounted temporarily but would not remain so for long. So if you feel we are the right partner for you, move in quick and book you spot.




External Production

Where you produce the ad using external agencies or by yourself.

A month-long campaign using 100, 30 second ad during any or all of our programming. You decide how to use your 100 ads or when you want your ad to go live.

Send us your recording in any audio format e.g. .mp3, .wav, etc.

£500 (per month)

In-House Production

Where we produce the ad in-house.

A month-long campaign using 100, 30 second ad (plus additional cost, see below).

Additional Services:

Production cost

Voice-over talent

Studio recording

Radio host voice (optional) - if you want to use your favourite host

Script writing (optional)

£500 (per month)

£100 (per hour) - one off payment

£40 (per hour) one off payment

£100 (per hour) - one off payment

£75 (per hour) - one off payment

£80 (per hour) - one off payment

Sponsor A Show

Sponsoring a show is very cost effective. This is a great option if your target audience aligns well with one or more of our programs. Your brand gets a mention in the opening and closing (per show); one promotional mention (per show); and 100, 30 second ad per month using the recording your have produced externally or the one we have produced in-house. Please be aware that we do not do product/service reviews.

£600 (per month)


Online Banner Ads

Leaderboard : 90px (h) x 728px (w)

Home page

Presenters page

Sidebar : 85px (h) x 275px (w)

On all pages except application pages (e.g. photos, news, videos and forum).

Button side : 90px x 120px

On all pages except application pages (e.g. photos, news, videos and forum).

£300 (per month)

£175 (per month )

£150 (per month)

£30 (per month)

Ads we will not accept

Due to the nature of our work and the turbulent history of the community we serve, we are very selective about the type of organisations we allow to advertise with us. We usually accept any product or service ad that is useful to our listeners, except ads from religious organisations which aims to proselytize. Immoral or unlawful adverts will also be rejected.

Next Step :

To discuss your campaign in more detail, send us an e-mail at [email protected] or complete the form below. If none of the above packages suit your needs and you prefer to discuss a more tailored marketing campaign, we would be happy to discuss this with you. Kindly send us an e-mail or use the form to the right and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Use the form below to submit your enquiries or get a quote :

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Our partner

The Seereer Resource Centre (SRC)

Visit The Seereer Resource Centre for resources on the Seereer people, Seereer religion, history, culture,medicine, languages such as Seereer-Siin and Cangin, and much more...

Official website :

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The long awaited Learn to speak Saafi-Saafi : The complete language course - part of The Seereer Resource Centre's Learn a Seereer Language Series (TM) is now available from Seereer Heritage Press and all major outlets including Amazon, Foyles and Waterstones. This book is in English - Saafi-Saafi. The French - Saafi-Saafi version will be coming out soon as well as the accompanying CD. The Seereer version of this series will be out soon. Check out Seereer Heritage Press and The Seereer Resource Centre websites for further updates.

Authors: Tamsier Joof, Demba Sene and The Seereer Resource Centre

Editors: Tamsier Joof, Demba Sene, The Seereer Resource Centre and Professor Aliou Dione (Mara) 

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